Been quite a while since we posted any updates, but a lot has happened the past several months.

It’s been a terribly sad year for us. Last October we had to say good bye to our beloved Catarina vom tapferen Herzen. A few months shy of her 16th birthday, her happy disposition and bright mind were left prisoners in a weak and immobile body. I’ve had some wonderful dogs in my life, but realizing she could go on no longer was one of the sadest days in my life. There is a very large hole in my heart, that will never heal.

Four months earlier, Catarina’s half sister Jasmine developed an extremely aggressive mammory tumor, and we had to make the painful decisiont to end her suffering less than a week after discovering the lump. Jasmine was never sick a day in her life, and the sudden development of this fatal disease left us completely stunned. We were devestated, and it took us weeks to get over the shock, and deal with the loss.

Then, just 3 months ago, our wonderful male, Ian, had a debilitating stroke, and with no options for a recovery, we had to say good bye to him as well. Ian was one of the most intelligent and talented dogs I have ever known, with an unbridled passion to please. A big powerhouse of a dog, he would hunt until I put up the gun and quit. But for anyone who knew him, he was probably best known for his happy and friendly disposition. He helped me train countless puppies, and never tired of luring them into the ponds with a stick or bumper. Ian was an amazing spirit, and again, left another another huge hole in my heart.

But I know Jasmine, Catarina and Ian have already found Dutch and Quizzal, and they are all waiting for me in some big wonderful meadow full of birds.