vom tapferen Herzen

VDD Registered Deutsch Drahthaar Kennel

Our Deutsch Drahthaar Breeding Philosophy

We are proud to embrace the high standards of selective breeding established and cultivated by the German founding fathers over the past 125 years. Our philosophy with our German Drathaars is to breed only when it serves to further the kennel’s gene pool toward our ultimate breeding objective, and not simply to supply these versatile hunting puppies to anxious buyers.

By virture of a Drahthaar pup’s birthright it should excel naturally at pointing, retrieving in the field and water, and blood tracking on leash any wounded big game animal. Disposition, performance, and coat and conformation are the three primary points on which we focus when making our breeding decisions.

We breed our hunting dogs with care, raise our puppies with love, train the youngsters with patience, and ultimately hunt our finished companions with pride. For that is our primary objective; to breed a hunting dog/family pet that is intelligent, cooperative, and genetically predisposed to point, retrieve, and track in the field, forest, and in water – in other words . . . .

A Versatile Deutsch Drahthaar!

Congratulations to the owners of the U Litter vom tapferen Herzen

I am so grateful for the dedication and hard work of all the owners, who brought their pups to the tests (Watertown SD, Harrold SD, Laramie WY) well prepared, so in spite of difficult conditions at two of the tests, managed to perform well.

Ugo vom tapferen Herzen,  and Carlos Martinez del Rio.  ——–  74 pts.

Ulrica vom tapferen Herzen, and Rod Dirks. ——–  73 pts.

Ulyana vom tapferen Herzen, and Craig Price. ——–  71 pts. ——–  67 pts.

Ulyses vom tapferen Herzen, and Renee Senter ——–  71 pts.

Umma vom tapferen Herzen, and Tom Blakeney. ——–  70 pts.

Utah vom tapferen Herzen, and Clint Mason. ——–  69 pts.

Ursyla vom tapferen Herzen, and Danny Edwards. ——–  67 pts.

NO CRY BABIES in the litter!!

The U Litter pups are completing their final preparations to leave for their new homes.  They have been inspected and tattooed last Saturday, and yesterday had their second vaccination, had their blood draw completed, and their micro chips implanted. NO CRY BABIES in the litter!!  Such brave little monkeys.  ~  Clint is here and we are making preparations for their upcoming road trip. I hope everyone is pleased when they meet their new little kids.  It’s a wonderful litter, and so far I am extremely pleased with this breeding.

Time will tell how well they develop and mature, but right now I’m over the moon for all of them.

U Litter Pups are 7 Weeks Old!

The U Litter pups turned 7 weeks old on Monday, and we are preparing them for their upcoming journey to their new homes.  They are doing well, mentally maturing, and craving human companionship.  They have been introduced to low levels of loud noises, like the leaf blower, automatic door openers, etc.  They have a lot of time to run, play and explore in the yard, and have constant contact with the other adult dogs in the kennel. Their mother is weaning them, but they have a full set of puppy teeth and are eating well, 3 times a day.

On Saturday they will be tattooed and inspected.  Monday they receive their second vaccination, have blood drawn, and have micro chips implanted.  Then within the next few days, will meet their new families.  Time certainly flies.

Friends and neighbors are all anxious to come visit the pups, and the little monkeys give them their money’s worth!  They are running, digging, jumping, and pulling on everything they find.  Everyone leaves the experience with smiles on their faces, and lots of dirt on their clothes!